Strategic Financing Advisory

Real Estate

Our Services


Sales & Acquisitions

Our Focus

Senior & Mezzanine Debt

  US$20M+  per transaction


  US$50M+ per transaction

Sourcing New Developments

Helping our clients find value-add and opportunistic real estate

For more information, please contact Gregory Laurent Josi at

Venture Capital

Our Services

Assistance with fund-raising 

Connecting VC firms with prospective startups

Our Focus

Seed & Pre-Seed rounds

  US$100k - US$500k

Series A

 US $1M+

Fintech oriented

For more information, please contact Pasha Tinkov at

Special Situations

Our Services

Sourcing off-market opportunities for our clients

Case-by-case basis

Our Focus

US Energy Market

Specialised Financing

Eg. convertible notes

For more information, please contact James Schofield at

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