European Real Estate DEbt Fund I

This fund focusses on allocating across the whole capital stack.

We underwrite senior debt, mezzanine debt, and provide equity for developers or otherwise in real estate in Europe.

This fund focuses primarily on allocating to assets in UK & Germany.

We occasionally co-invest on deals with industry-leading real estate debt underwriters.

We occasionally underwrite deals that our SFA Division works on for clients.

This fund is structured for family offices or more private allocators as we can operate more direct mandates by setting up individual vehicles/fund with a more direct and permanent capital base.

European mezzanine debt fund I

We are working on launching a new fund towards the end of 2020/beginning of 2021.

This fund will focus on underwriting mezzanine debt to super-prime and prime developers, mostly based in London, UK.

We are currently working on concluding our partnerships with the prospective developers for the new mezzanine fund.

This fund will also co-invest alongside other industry leading mezzanine allocators on larger debt underwritings.

This fund will maximise the synergy with our SFA division as we will be underwriting mezz. debt for our already established clients.

The target fund size is US$100 million. The fund is open to new investors, please contact us if interested.

Please refer to our Contact page to request a prospectus or additional information.