multi-asset global macro fund

Mid-cap equities are at the core of our strategy as they provide an attractive risk/return profile. 

Fixed Income mainly serves our strategy for hedging purposes and for transition periods between different opportunities.

We allocate to global currencies (FX) to generate uncommon returns and to hedge the overall portfolio.

We use real-estate backed securities to stablize the return profile for our investors during extreme market conditions.

We use an Exempted Fund 4(4) Structure based in the Cayman Islands to accomodate all non-US investors. We are looking to establish a Master Feeder in 2020 to onboard US-based accredited investors.

European mezzanine debt fund I

We are working on launching a new fund towards the end of 2020/beginning of 2021.

This fund will focus on underwriting mezzanine debt to super-prime and prime developers, mostly based in London, UK.

We are currently working on concluding our partnerships with the prospective developers for the new mezzanine fund.

This fund will also co-invest alongside other industry leading mezzanine allocators on larger debt underwritings.

This fund will maximise the synergy with our SFA division as we will be underwriting mezz. debt for our already established clients.

The target fund size is US$100 million. The fund is open to new investors, please contact us if interested.

Please refer to our Contact page to request a prospectus or additional information.

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